If there was any doubt that Maryland Rapper Cordae is on the right track, the sound of his latest single Gifted should settle it. Roddy Rich, a Compton based vocal artiste features on the single.

Morbi vitae purus dictum, ultrices tellus in, gravida lectus.

It is safe to say that walking away from YBN paid off for Cordae who wants to make his own music.

Last year, Cordae dropped the ‘YBN’ from his name and simply went by Cordae. He also released The Lost Boy, a debut solo album featuring collaborations with Curren$y, H.E.R, Meek Mill, Logic, Arin Ray, Chance the Rapper, and Denzel Curry. He ended up on the stage of last year’s BET Awards as a result of the album’s success.

Now Cordae releases Gifted just in time for the rapper’s 23rd birthday. The two artistes reflect on their journey which is on an upward trajectory.

Cordae The track also comes with a visual courtesy of Lyrical Lemonade. Here is an excerpt:

 “Uh, I got a whole lotta people that’s been countin’ on me, got this bad lil’ shawty goin’ down on the D, I met shorty and we connected like the WiFi, hopped in the Phantom, disappeared like, ‘Voila’/

I told n***as that I would make it, they said, “no way,” watch them n***as that might eat up off of your plate, they caught me slidin’ on the E-Way with the heat on the seat I got tennis chains with crosses but I still keep a piece…/”

Cordae switches up from driving a bucket to driving a high-end luxury vehicle along with Roddy Rich, and at the end, offers tribute to victims of police brutality like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McCain, and Jacob Blake.

The poignant but uplifting track ends with a quote from Huey P Newton who said that ‘The young always inherit the revolution.’

Excellent visuals from Lyrical Lemonade and Cole Bennet make it even better.

The Lost Boy came out last year in July. Cordae’s former group the Young Boss N****a included himself, YBN Almighty Jay, and YBN Nahmir who all participated in a 2018 album YBN: The Mixtape.